Live in the Light Take time out for a Point-to-Point Breathing exercise and Soothing painting project with LivingWell Yoga/fitness instructor, Sheri Minnick, and Art instructor, Cheri Hunt.

Use the following guide to introduce simple daily self-care steps to bring more light, calm and clarity to your life. The "Individual Transformation" guide, developed by LivingWell's Sheri Minnick, includes a picture painted by Sheri's sister, Michele, that holds special meaning to her. Sheri uses this piece of art in her own daily meditation practice.

Take a few minutes each day for calm and quiet. You can use Sheri's Point-to-Point Breathing video as one of your daily practices.

One easy way to create your own personalized art for meditation is to paint and write affirmations/intentions on rocks that you find in your backyard or on a walk. LivingWell's Cheri Hunt guides you through the process ...

Art supplies to use at home ...

Paper plates are the perfect painter's palette!

Some finished products with a great story behind them ...

While collecting rocks for this project, Cheri actually stumbled across some painted rocks (below) from a young artist in her neighborhood named "Jack."

Jack, Sheri and Cheri all know how to live in the light and illuminate the lives of others.