Village of Hobart Greatness is gRowiNg

Map of Hobart, Wisconsin

2990 Pine Tree Rd, Hobart, WI

5 issues:

The police department must be included in future meetings

Discussing different options for a new water system

They talked about adding a sidewalk on a busy road

A request was given for 3 streetlights to be put in on Hilton Head

Talked about how much money is required for each road needing pavrement.

The issue I picked is Pedestrian Pathway. The local government wants to put a pathway there to make it more safe, but they don't know if they should plow it in the winter. At the meeting, they decided they are going to put a path in but not plow it in the winter. Instead of spending money on the maintenance and plowing, they are going to have the path used for winter sports like cross country skiing and snowshoeing. I agree with their decision because no one really would use the path in the winter. I think they should continue with the plan they have, and if there are any complaints further along then they should find a resolution to make everyone happy regarding the new pathway for pedestrians.

Thornberry Golf Course

In 2013 there was 7,365 people that lived in Hobart.

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