Who We Are. Pacific Golf Warehouse

We Are Canadian.

We are incredibly proud to be Canadians, and we are constantly looking for ways to work more with our community. Headquartered in Vancouver we believe we are in the best place to keep up with the latest in golf technology. Canada is home to thousands of golf courses, some of which are top in the world. When it comes to golf Canada truly does it best and we are looking to carry on that tradition at Pacific Golf Warehouse. We are constantly looking to build new relationships with local golf companies who are working hard to bring something new and exciting to the game. We are constantly working to unite Canadians together around the game of golf.

We are Golfers.

We started this company because we love golf, and we wanted to be more involved in the sport. Golf is a sport where technology continues to evolve and not just for the elite athletes but for every golfer. That is what excites us most about our company is our ability to source out equipment and apparel for every golfer in the game.

We are Friends.

Our company was started by two brothers and their best friend who have spent the last two decades golfing and working together. We all share the same passion for the sport and although our handicap's may not match up we enjoy every chance we get to play a round together. We all have unique contributions to this company and with that we are able to put our heads together to develop forward thinking strategies to best help our customers.

We Have Experience.

Golfers are looking for reliable and educated information to make informed decisions and we are here to help with that. Our experience in golf spans decades, however we also have experience ranging from teaching professional to golf course board of directions. Our experience combined with our desire to bring the best golf equipment & Apparel to our customers is what is going to make us your go to store.


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