Binge Eating Disorder by: Colton wethington

A binge eating disorder is a disorder that involves abnormal or disturbing eating habits.

A normal size candy bar usually has around 200 calories per bar.

Things that are really easy to notice with people that have a binge eating disorder is the way they act around people when they eat, how large in size they are, and how much they consume at one time.

Very greasy bacon.

The binge eating disorder is very common around the Unites States and when you fall into binge eating it isn't always your fault. Certain genetic, social and environmental factors can lead to someone starting to binge eat.

Unhealthy portion of meat.

You may be wondering could I get this illness and to be honest and can be accepted into anyone's lifestyle. Binge eating doesn't become an illness until so much weight is put on that you have to go to the doctor and try to get skin cancer. Also, in many cases people suffer from binge eating because of low self-esteem, and the need of attention.


Many people around the world suffer from binge eating disorder, but there are ways to avoid it. One is stay in a healthy environment. Two research a little on how many people have died after suffering from binge eating. Lastly, eat healthy at a very young age and avoiding all the junk food that may be in your house will not be a problem to avoid.

Piece of dessert.

Knowing when someone is suffering from binge eating is very easy to see. You can tell by their lack of exercise and not so appealing body size. But on the bright side there are many ways to get them help. There is therapy, and if they don't want to go to therapy then you could always recommend a diet for them.

Unhealthy potato chips

This illness is probably best taken care of with therapy, and not any kind of therapy just two in particular. One of them is called cognitive behavioral therapy, and the other is called dialectal behavioral therapy. Both of these therapy's have saved many lives that were heading to their death because of the way they chose to eat.

Unhealthy portion of meat.

1/3 of Americans today are obese which means they suffered from the binge eating disorder. Researchers also say that people that are uncomfortable with their body will start a diet and if they don't see the results they are looking for they will start binge eating.

Very unhealthy restaurant for obese people to get even bigger.

The only thing you can really do to help a friend who is suffering from a binge eating disorder is let that friend know you are


1/3 of Americans are obese. Binge eating disorder is more common then breast cancer! Also, binge eaters usually binge eat one day out of the week for about 3 months.


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