The Lost Boys By: Drew Dombrowicki

There Journey

In the late 1980’s boys as young as 5 watched as their parents got killed and their small villages get burned down some fled barefoot form the terror.some of them walked about 1,000 miles.Sometime they didn’t have food so they mostly ate mud and leaves.

To Ethiopia

They had to walk three months to get to a refugee camp in Ethiopia were they made makeshift houses to live in. but in 1991 war broke out there and they were walking again.

Danger At Night

Nights in the forest were filled with animal sounds like lions and hyenas the boys had to huddle into a group or else they would get eaten alive by the lions and hyenas.when they got the gilo river most of the boys didn't want to cross it but there was soldiers were behind forcing them to jump in the water many could not swim so they got swept away by the current or drowned or got eaten by crocodiles.after they went back into Sudan to their villages which didn’t have much food sometimes a big plane that said red cross would drop crate of food down but one day one flew over and we look up and it didn’t drop food instead they dropped bombs know what to do they were walking again.


More than 1,000 of boys walked south out of sudan. Months later the 1,000’s of boys walked across the border to kenya with ribs sticking out and swollen body parts and blistered feet the boys don’t know how many that didn’t make it some people think that over 7,000 boys that died.but at the camp the rations were small they ate mostly wheat and corn. The school was outside and sometimes there is over 100 students


The boys story was heard all across the world in 2000. They were also told that 3,000 of the boys got homes in the United States of America. Most of the boys haven’t seen lights, tv or snow and some of the boys or over 6 feet tall and man. They had to learn to turn a doorknob how to cook how to walk through a automatic door one boy saw a sign that says that dead end he thought it meant that he was going to die.



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