Bravery Karla arana

You showed me as a kid to not fear the dark

You showed me that no monsters hid in my closet

You showed me to stand up for myself

You showed me to get on any roller coaster

You showed me to swim on the deep end of the pool

You showed me to watch scary movies

You showed me to express my ideas

You showed me to stand up to myself whenever

I try to bring myself down

You were with me in the days i had the most fear

You were with me the first time i got stitches

You were with me each time i went to the dentist

You were with me when they first told me i had scoliosis

You were with me on the day of my surgery

You haven’t left me yet and i hope you never do,

If you ever leave i don't know what i will do

Tall brown trees

Growing over green grass

Where ducks waddle and dogs run

Where kids go to have fun

Striped shirts and black jeans

No smiles seen

Dad was so young

Barely a teen

Never liked pictures

Tucked away in the back of the closet

In an old book

Waiting for someone to open it and look

Green and covered in puppy stickers

Pictures of my mom and dad

Way before me

Just as young and happy as they could be

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