Week 1 Leonardo Da Vinci

This week we mostly did research. On Monday we all started off by finding resources. We found a couple of books and websites. We mostly took notes and got some ideas about who Leonardo Da Vinci was. On Tuesday we started to think of some ideas for our creative piece. We looked at some of his inventions and thought about making his model airplane. Then I looked at his accomplishment and tried to make the Weebly account accessible to the rest of my group. Luke looked at some of Da Vinci’s inventions and took notes. Liam cited his sources and look for more creative piece ideas. Sam wrote down more notes about his background and helped Liam with the creative piece. Lucas sited the rest of the sources and helped Liam and Sam with the creative piece. Wednesday we didn't have class because of Mcas. On Thursday we passed in our cited sources. Then we decided who will do what for the individual blogs. Lucas has Mona Lisa, so he researched that painting. I have his early life so I researched and took notes on that. Sam has how Da Vinci was a scientist so he researched that topic. Liam has the Last Supper so he took notes on that art. Today (Friday) we all looked at costume ideas and creative piece ideas.

We were originally going to use Weebly for our website. After a little bit of help from Mr. C I realized adobe spark page was a lot easier to use.

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