POETRY AS THE VOICE OF EXPERIENCE: A DISCUSSION OF EVE EWING'S 1919 And related resources at mvcc library

Literature faculty discuss poems in Eve Ewing’s book 1919. This discussion will explore history through the lens of poetry while connecting Ewing’s works to other historic and contemporary poets and artists.This event is part of our One Book, One College Program.

Resources for Reading Poetry

A Poet's Glossary

by Edward Hirsch

Explore the literary terms used in the discussion--from tanka to prose and list poems--in this encyclopedic but accessible volume from poet and critic Hirsch.

Hirsch also wrote the bestselling How to Read a Poem: and Fall in Love with Poetry, also available in our print collection.

Don't Read Poetry

By Stephanie Burt

Burt explores six ways of approaching poetry, many of which (form, feeling, character) align with comments from the event video.

A Publisher's Weekly review states "Burt’s sweeping, insightful survey makes a great case that with wider exposure, people will discover how poems can be relevant to anyone who has “ever felt unique, or confused, or confusing to others.”

Poets and Authors

The Essential Gwendolyn Brooks

by Gwendolyn Brooks

Explore Brooks' iconic poems, including "We Real Cool," as discussed in the event video.

You can listen to a recording of Brooks reading "We Real Cool" on the Poetry Foundation's website.

Learn more about Brooks' poetry and life in Gwendolyn Brooks : comprehensive research and study guide or A surprised queenhood in the new Black sun : the life & legacy of Gwendolyn Brooks.

The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes

by Langston Hughes

Explore Hughes' iconic poems, including "Harlem," as discussed in the event video.

Dig deeper into Hughes' life and work with Langston Hughes : the man, his art, and his continuing influence or The life of Langston Hughes.


by Jamaica Kincaid

Find "Girl" by Jamaica Kincaid, as discussed in the event video in 40 short stories : a portable anthology or online.

Find more of Kincaid's work including e-audiobooks of At the Bottom of the River, Annie John, and Lucy in the Library's digital collections.

Explore biography and criticism of Kincaid's work in Jamaica Kincaid.

The 1919 Chicago Riots

The Negro in Chicago : a study of race relations and a race riot in 1919

by The Chicago Commission on Race Relations

As mentioned in the event video, read a copy of the original report on the 1919 Chicago Riots from which Ewing took excerpts, in the Library's print collection.

You can also find a digital version of the original report through the Internet Archive or Project Gutenberg.

Occupied Territory: Policing Black Chicago from Red Summer to Black Power

by Simon Balto

"In this history of Chicago from 1919 to the rise and fall of Black Power in the 1960s and 1970s, Simon Balto narrates the evolution of racially repressive policing in black neighborhoods as well as how black citizen-activists challenged that repression." --Publisher's Website

Race, Space, and Riots in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles

by Janet Abu-Lughod

Explore the 1919 Chicago riots in larger the context of riots across the country during the 'Red Summer.'

"While there are many studies of individual race riots, this is the first book to compare major twentieth century race riots in the three largest American cities in the context of their unique historical, economic, and political characteristics." --Publisher's Website

Chicago Tribune Historical

Access newspaper articles written during and after the 1919 riot through the Chicago Tribune Historical database.

Narrow your search by by date: July 27th, 1919 to August 3rd, 1919.

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