SELF-DRIVING By: edwin Barrios


If you were driving to California from N.Y you would need to stay up all night, if you wanted to get there as quickly as possible. Now, with new technology, you don't have to do all the driving. Self-driving cars can really help people. These cars will not drink, text, or speed while driving.although the technology may be great and can do many things like placing reservations at restaurants, there are still many problems like navigating through unpredictable weather conditions. Weather can be an important problem. If fog rolls in self-driving cars will have a hard time detecting the road and will put you in danger. Luckily, with every problem comes a solution. Read to find out problems and solutions of self driving cars.


To start, self driving cars don't text or talk on the road. They don't fall asleep on the wheel or put on makeup while driving. Computer technology can ensure that all the commands that a self driving car gets will be obayd. All of these factors make self-driving cars the best of drivers. But Although self-driving cars have new technology, they may still have trouble. These cars may have issues handling problems like unpredictable humans. They're many problems that this technology can't control and People is one. Nothing can control people which is why these cars could have a big problem dealing with people that will speed or pass, even when their is a red light. Also the technology may have trouble dealing with people who will drive on the wrong side of the street. Thankfully there is a solution to this problem. One solution is if cars equip v2v communication which is vehicle to vehicle communication. This is like the way airplanes avoid each other in the air, this can help the car understand its speed and direction to other vehicles.


Snow, fog, rain. These are all types of weather that make it difficult for humans to drive. This type of weather could also make it hard for computers to handle. The technology could have problems like losing the lines on the road or trying to figure out whether something is a puddle or a pothole. One solution for this problem is for humans to take the wheel when something like this is going on. Computers cant do everything and this could also help people not forget how to drive, however specialists do expect the technology to get better. But for now they are adding about 23 sensors on a car to detect guard rails barriers and on coming traffic.



It is well known that people can have trouble behind the wheel. “Their are plenty of youtube videos that show people having trouble during snow, ice or even staying awake at night. People have trouble in urban lands as well. And we also let seniors drive even if we know that they will sometimes experience some delays reactions.” says Chuck Simmons. We know that nothing can be perfect so these cars don’t have to be perfect they just have to be better than humans.

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