Korean War 1950-1953 Ashley Cooney and Caitlyn Haman

The Korean War occurred in Korea when North Korea invaded South Korea. Caitlyn
The Korean War lasted from June 25. 1950 to Julu 27, 1953.
The country was divided into North and South Korean. Or communism vs. non communism. Caitlyn
General MacArthur was the leader of the United Nation Forces. And Korea has been led by 3 generations of fathers and sons since the war.
China, Soviet Union and the United States were all involved in the Korean War. The United States help prevent communism from taking over in South Korea.-ashley
This event increased tension between the United States and the Soviet Union, since the soviets wanted communism in Korea, but the United States just wanted containment and for it not to spread. Caitlyn
North Korean is a democracy, South Korea is a republic. -Caitlyn
Containment was used during the Cold War becuase the United States and United Nations wanted to help South Korea so they wouldn't become communist. -Caitlyn
The Korean War occurred when North Korea invaded South Korea with the approval of Joseph Stalin. -Ashley
The Korean War led to the decrease of the population and immigration was enforced.-Ashley
The Korean War was a Cold War hot spot because the United States and United Nations wanted to contain communism

There is still a lot of tension in north and South Korea. They never signed a treaty to end the war. Both countries are still upset with each other because of all the fighting, the boarder separation, and communism vs. capitalism. Caitlyn

North Korea spread and became communism. The United States did not want ,ore countries turning communism. South Korea remained capitalism, like the United States liked. Caitlyn


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