Statism By BackWordz


2017 | Metal

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They rob, kill, and steal by the day I'd be a buffoon to trust the state You're a tool and fool. Just keep taking the bait Making mistake, after mistake, after mistake


  • July is a co-founder of Being Libertarian, which is now affiliated with Think Liberty.
  • The dallas based band formed in late 2014 after July parted ways with the group Fire From The Gods.
  • The band has one major goal in mind: remain self-produced and in control of every aspect of themselves as a band.


Luke Tatum

As usual, Backwordz is about as ancap as it gets. I'm generally a fan of any instance where a band can direct blame back at the voting public. Not as voting "the wrong way," but highlighting that voting is, ultimately, just a way to make ourselves feel better. We're living under tyranny, and we have to realize that the public allows this.

Sherry Voluntary

Oh, Backwordz, the purveyor of so many of the songs of my people. This high energy anthem is a roadmap to Voluntaryism. The last verse really gets to the bottom line. “And that's exactly what the state needs, For you to think you need them. But it's fake, see?” The key to the power of The State is the belief in authority that plagues much of humanity. Most people have been domesticated by the authoritarian brutes, and like often happens with victims of abuse, they have come to believe they can’t live without their abuser. It’s Stockholm Syndrome for the masses. Freedom seems so scary when you’ve been indoctrinated to believe that there are bogeymen around every corner and only the group of thugs with certain magic cloths and uniforms can be trusted. Statists by necessity operate from a position of fear, but we have the answers that cure that mental disorder. Like the song says “the state you’re in is a state of mind.” We can help break the shackles of the mind, the most painful prison, by continuing to live as unapologetic libertarians who are willing to challenge the status quo.

Nicky P

First thing out the gate. I have a number of conflicting biases that are going to come into play with this one. 1st as a genre I think post-hardcore/rap-rock is the most difficult job to pull off unless you’re Ice-T. Linkin Park & POD having mainstream appeal was enough to put me off forever. If I had a choice I’d rather listen to July be just a straight rapper. But alas the market speaks and my torment is an eternity of music I do not like. That big point out of the way I certainly can’t complain about the lyrical content of BackWordz...so there’s always that. OK. Preamble over.

I think an alternative title for this song could be Somewhere Rothbard Smiles On His Children (yes i‘m an emo kid & like long titles.) This song in particular is basically a reduction of Anatomy Of The State. It‘s a rage filled discussion on how the illusion of necessity is the greatest obstacle to Voluntaryist ideology. Once again I‘ll bring up stockholm syndrome. I won’t belabor it too much because there‘s so much hete and frankly its all quit overt.

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Nicky P

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