susan sloop Simple Beautiful Life: Faith, Food, Fitness, Mindset & Natural Health


Making your health a priority and it starts with food. I will share tips and simple recipes that will help you create a lifestyle of healthy eating..... NO diets. Food is fuel and is not entertainment or comfort. I understand what a struggle it is and it is my hope to encourage and support you in your effort to make a healthy lifestyle change.


I have spent the last 24 years involved in some form of fitness. Running, home fitness programs, group classes, walking....and finally found CrossFit. I wish I would have started sooner. After almost three years I have gained strength I did not know was possible and a connection with some wonderful people. I will share my struggles and success with you and how mindset is key to a shift from being “skinny” to strong.


Failing forward is a newer concept that many of us already have experienced....we just did not know what to call it. A growth mindset is crucial in order to set goals and achieve them with no excuses. It allows us to not lose the momentum of moving toward our dreams. Learning how to be a better version of myself is a passion of mine and it is my dream to share it with you. I will offer insight to what is working for me as well as what is not!

Natural Health

I am gaining improved health with the combination of proper nutrition, exercise and products that help my body do what it was meant to do. When our bodies receive the nutrients needed through natural sources it is amazing what a difference it makes. I have never felt better and I attribute it to the natural health lifestyle that I have embraced. I would love to share it with you....just ask me!


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