Dear Magikal Mushroom Mix, Where Have you gone?

Where Have Your Mushrooms Gone!?

Recently we have been notified by Food Standards Australia & New Zealand that our Magikal Mushroom Mix contains novel ingredients. We have immediately removed these items from our shelves after being provided this information

Oh No! That Sucks. What On Earth Are Novel Ingredients?

FSANZ describe Lions Mane, Chaga, Reishi and Cordyceps as 'novel ingredients'. Yep, thats right! These are trending ingredients in many brands products including ours. Here is a direct link to detailed information


What Does That Mean For Other Products With These Ingredients?

Just like our beloved Magikal Mushroom Mix, you may see other products with these ingredients removed from the shelves, or reformulated without them. If you are lucky enough to find one, make sure you make it last!

Will These Products Be Back Any Time Soon?

Unfortunately at this point in time we are not sure if our Magikal Mushroom Mix will make a return, but we will be sure to stay well informed of any changes to this decision to call these mushrooms 'novel ingredients'. We are looking at alternatives that are acceptable in FSANZ eyes and will bring a new product to the shelves in the near future <3

Thank You So Much For Your Love And Support With Our Magikal Mushroom Mix

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