To Test or Not to Test?

What are standardized tests?

A proctored exam that is scored to compare intellectual performance of students in various content areas across the nation
Since the implementation of No Child Left Behind in 2000, mandated testing has increased dramatically.


  • Shows student academic achievement
  • Provides baseline to compare success nationally
  • Show curriculum success or areas for improvement
  • Shed light to achievement gap

Negatives of Standardized Testing

  • Too many tests administered from preschool to 12th grade, approx. 112 given.
  • Results insufficient or received late
  • Teaching to the Test
  • Increase student anxiety

Changes for the Future

  • Fewer, higher quality mandated exams
  • Receive scores in timely manner
  • Use results to adjust curriculum
  • Performance based assessments built into curriculum
  • Promote positive attitudes for testing
  • Focus on learning rather than test taking


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