Joseph's work

These are my drawings of skeletons and bones.
And some of my gesture drawings.

Some of my misc. work.

Super Mario Bros. is one of the first video games I've played.

Out of all the art I've made, I spent the most time on this one.

This is my first draft of my graffiti art for art.

And this is the final picture.

I had alot of fun with this one.

Who else believes narwhals are unicorns of the sea?

Making shadows for spheres is quite difficult.

My best attempt at a roman esk piece.

Who says a piece of bread can't be sentient?

I've drawn to many of these pieces of bread wearing tuxedos.

Now this drawing represents fear, loneliness, but a chance of hope.

Hey, that's all of my art. I'm surprised you sat through all of it.

Art made by Joseph Rickard (yeah, that's how my last name is spelled) from the Art 1 class of Helena Highschool.

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joseph rickard

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