good life performance chyenne bliss

As I entered the Reitz Union building I was worried I wouldn't know where to find the theatre. The worry quickly disappeared as I saw numerous students standing and taking pictures of the Constans Theatre sign: I knew I was in the correct place. How did your seat location affect your experience? I sat near the front and to the left. I wish I would have gotten more in the center so I could have a closer and more real experience of the play. The auditorium was a good size for the performance, although if it were any smaller I think the environment would have been uncomfortable. The role of place in the Good Life is that you can choose how you want to participate in life. You can choose where you want to go and how you want to view different parts of life.

My roommate and I outside of the Constans Theatre.

I attended the performance with my roommate Caroline (pictured above) and other sisters in my sorority. Before the performance I read a description about the play on canvas. Attending the performance with friends made it more enjoyable because I could laugh with them and also talk about the play with them during the break. What is a life filled with amazing things with no one to share it with? Experiences are so much more enjoyable when they are shared with friends or family. In regards to the Good Life, shared experiences have the power to take a basic activity or accomplishment to a level of celebration.

waiting in line for the performance!

The central issue addressed in the performance was about the class system and the oppressed versus the privileged. Although the timeframe of the play was much earlier than the current time, I still think parts of the main issue presented still exist. A social class where the privileged are catered to by those less fortunate is prevalent in today’s society. Though not every single person in the same economical situation will be in the same status, it is more common than not to find those with more money to look down on others who are not on their same level in regards to money. Personally if I had more money I would be able to access more resources at a faster rate, therefore reaching my goals/ establishing myself would come easier (most likely).

Be openminded!

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provides us an opportunity for catharsis by presenting us with the idea of being openminded. Yes, everyone is going to go through obstacles, for some it may be poverty and for others it may be proving their worth regardless of their economical standing. This performance shows us that to be human means being vulnerable to possibilities, but also being strong in reaching goals. Life has so much to offer, but unless we take advantage of it, the Good Life is a waste.

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