Boo zoos Conner d.


What if you were walking into a zoo and you saw a monkey escape the cage? What if the monkey starts scratching people's eyeballs out? Then the zoo people Would be forced to kill the monkey.This is just one scenario, but there are many reasons why. We shouldn’t have zoos it takes animals out of there natural habitat. When animals and people are close to each other they could get hurt. People could hurt the animals.

They shouldn’t have zoos because it takes away the animal's natural habitat.So when they get to the zoo they don’t know where to go. They also have to get use to all the people. The animals also have less room to move.In addition they are taken away from their family.

When animals and people are put in close proximity they can hurt each other.When people look through the fence their heads could get stuck. People could fall in the cage. Or the animal could escape and go savage.

We shouldn’t have zoos because people could steal or kill them.People could come in with a gun and kill an animal. Somebody could come in with a rope and take the animal home as their pet. Plus people could jump on an animal and give them poisonous foods.

These are the reasons why we should not have zoos. Just remember that when you go to zoos and monkeys scratch your eyeballs out don’t say I didn’t warn you. Please agree with me we have to stop zoos.


Created with images by Gellinger - "gorilla monkey ape"

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