Alina Ene

Hello, my name is Alina. I was born and raised in Romania. Wanderlust flows through my veins but it wasn’t always like this.

2012 was the turning point. I learned how to cycle and the world did not seem this big scary place anymore; two years later I was cycling towards Indonesia.

When you take your own road, the road will take care of you.
  • 86 days long solo self-supported tour (60 days of actual cycling)
  • total of 5175 cycled km
  • 71 km/h maximum speed
  • 168 km - longest distance cycled in a day


  • Where: Vardzia, Georgia
  • Photo taken with a mirrorless Nikon camera
Every day you get further and further from “home” it gets easier. And the world reveals itself in all its beauty.


  • Where: Goris, Armenia
  • Selfie taken with a mirrorless Nikon camera on a tripod


  • Where: Iran, just after crossing the border from Armenia
  • Selfie taken with a mirrorless Nikon camera on a tripod

Why Indonesia?

I received a one year scholarship to study Indonesian handicrafts at the Art Institute in Padang Panjang, West Sumatra. I lived and traveled with locals, emerging myself in the Minangkabau culture, trying to forget the rules and expectations I grew up with and adapt myself to what living in a small, but very noisy village.


  • Where: Mentawai archipelago, Siberut island
  • Photo taken with a mirrorless Nikon camera

With no roads, one must travel by way of water. Local animist beliefs say everything is vibration; so Mentawai people hang the skulls of the hunted animals above the entrance, asking for forgiveness, praying they didn't upset the vibration network of the world.


  • Where: Talang mountain
  • Photo taken with a mirrorless Nikon camera

"Talang", in Indonesian, translates as "middleman" and the meaning fits the mountain. Talang does connect you to heavens and I had the skies all to myself. Hiking during Ramadan, I was the only human soul camping on the top.

Bule, mau kemana? Sudah mandi? Sudah makan?

- Caucasian, where are you going? Have you taken a shower? Have you eaten?

I discovered both my passions for teaching and hiking while living and working in Indonesia (2014-2017).

My extensive DIY travels taught me how to organize myself and, most of all, how to deal with uncertainty and unexpected situations.


  • Where: Tujuh mountain
  • Photo taken with a mirrorless Nikon camera


  • Where: Rinjani mountain
  • Photo taken with a smartphone

The nameless heroes of mount Rinjani are the porters balancing on their shoulders kilos of stuff, in order to make the ascent easier for the tourists. They are also the most underpaid. Becoming a porter is one of the few jobs available to poor uneducated villagers living on the slopes of the terrifying volcano. I am sorry Pak (mister in Indonesian) Porter, I forgot to ask your name...


  • Where: Flores archipelago, Padar island
  • Photo taken with a smartphone
- If you want to wee again do not go into the bushes!

Komodo and Rinca are the popular islands for seeing the fierce dragons, but Padar is where the mighty lizards would be sent if they bitten a human.


the year I decided to return to Romania and embark on a new journey


  • Where: Lake District, UK
  • Photo taken with a smartphone


  • Where: Fagarasi Ridge, Romania
  • Photo taken with a smartphone

Getting into the outdoor industry

  • My main responsibility was to ensure the safety of children while teaching them different basic bushcraft skills like making a fire or building a shelter. Storytelling, knowing riddles and jokes were also a vital part of the job.
  • As a bushcraft instructor, while on camp, we would sleep on a camping mat, straight on the ground, under a yurt, open on all sides. During the free days we slept on staff camp (in personal tents).

My passion for the outdoors led me to become a walk leader, working mainly with UK based companies. My responsibility is to guide safely groups of people, while providing interesting facts and information about the objectives included on the walk. A positive and friendly attitude is crucial: social skills are just as important as the ability to take the clients safely from A to B.

As a walk leader I am familiar with:

  • group management
  • walking briefs and turn by turn notes as you go
  • navigation using maps
  • GPS devices and GPS apps (Viewranger)
  • handling a budget


  • Where: Positano, Amalfi Coast
  • Photo taken with a smartphone


the world is best explored on foot

I come with drawing skills I can always put to good use.

* drawing of the Amalfi Cathedral in Amalfi, Italy

Language skills

Skill sets & Passions

With a background in arts and passion for the outdoors and DIY travel, I worked and interacted with various ages and cultural groups, both as a team member and as a leader. My thirst for learning, for new experiences, empowering those around me are skills I cultivated my entire working life. I am looking for a role where I will be challenged to utilize my current knowledge and develop professionally.

Thank you!