A Life Worth Living My adventures in minimalism and traveling the country

I am an environmental studies major, so I have long had a passion for conservation and helping the planet. I now want to take things a step farther. I have finally reached a place to step outside of my own box and this will be the story of that journey.

This will be the start of a new adventure in my life. Over the past couple months, I have had the fortune of experiencing a push outside of my box. It first started with my best friend taking me on adventures and hit a high point at Standing Rock, North Dakota. For the next couple weeks I have 14 items of clothing, a camera and computer to document, and minimal toiletries.

This is my car. It's nice and fairly fuel efficient (30-35 mpg). My goal is to turn this into a camper to live out of and travel the country. Today I purchased my supplies to build the frame of a bed and work space.

I should place a disclaimer here that I don't usually do any construction work. So what my brother and I are about to build is to the best of our ability. I'm sure it will suffice.

The passenger side will be for sleeping and the back driver side is a work space. Tomorrow I will pick up some padding for a mattress and some felt to cover everything.

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Adam Fenton

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