Save our earth bY tAYLOR MEAGHAN

our earth

we all need to care of the planet we live on [earth] because sea animals are becoming extinct by us littering and them thinking it's food like we don't care but we should to make the earth a better place.


Let's all think outside the box and try to use electric cars instead of the more popular,modern ones now to give away a huge difference of pollution so we don't die by the pollution entering our's and animals' lungs not letting us be able to breathe and eventually come to an end.


we all get energy the sun,waves,tides and more to the solar farms and solar factories.We mostly use energy from 6-8 am and 5-9 pm.we should use energy more appropriately and not that often to save then wasting it all and have none.


We all know we love food but sometimes the goods things can be negative!Such as chicken,beef,ham,lamb[meat].If we eat this every day we are taking up more land for the animals we eat and we bring more pollution which isn't good for any of us on this planet.


Every time we litter all the animals in different shapes and sizes think it's yummy food and eat it but soon they would die because they have nothing to eat.If we all worked together we could stop this from happening by recycling and make the world a better place not just for us but for all of us.


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