Uraguay By:sarah korte


Uruguay is in the Southern and Western Hemisphere.

Brazil and Argentina border Uruguay, also the Atlantic Ocean borders Uruguay.

This a picture of the capital city of Uruguay, it's called Montevideo. The coordinates are 34 south, 56 west.

Physical Characteristics

Uruguay is in the temperate zone, it's in between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Antarctic Circle.

The Rio Negro is a major river that splits Uruguay i half running from north to south west,which eventually flows into the Rio-D-La-Plat.

The Pampas are fertile South American lowlands,covering more than 750,000 km. From the Atlantic Ocean to the Andes Mountains.


My total population 3.42 million. It's small,not big. My country's world rank is 136 for population

Uruguay's population density is 50.5 people per mile. It's not crowded. Uruguay ranks 197 in population density.

Uruguay's growth rate is really slow. The fertility rate is 2.046 children per female.

  1. Montevideo
  2. Salto
  3. Cinded De La Costa
  4. Paysanda
  5. Las Piedras

My country is definitely rural.

More people are leaving Uruguay. That's why the growth rate is so slow. They are looking to find a better salary.


I feel like Uruguay is developing, because the data is very low and what I mean by that the numbers are supposed to be higher than what your boys numbers are. GDP per capita is 16,000, life expectancy is 76.81, and my literacy rate is 98.1%.


Uruguay mostly speaks Spanish.

The main religions practiced in my country is Christian and Roman Catholic.

So the topic for your Uruguays characteristics is sports. One big sport there is football but in America we call it soccer. Soccer is very big in Uruguay they even have their own national soccer team. Another big sport in Uruguay is basketball. I feel like basketball is so important to people in Uruguay because they were ranked sixth place in the Olympics one year.

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