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It was a beautiful day in southeastern Oklahoma and I had the good fortune of being out of school. Being a first rate adventurer, I was eager to make the most of this beautiful day and explore the great outdoors. I had made arrangements with one of the natives to serve as my guide. Aki, is a Choctaw and tells tales of once walking on the wind. However, during most of my encounters with Aki, he has been more prone to break the wind.

Aki in his "wind walking" days.

Our plan was to begin early, but Aki was prevented from making the early departure because he is a "listener", and there were some in his care who needed to tell their stories that day. Aki didn't mind the late start but I was in desperate need of adventure. Thankfully I had my Legos to tide me over. We hopped in Aki's truck at noon and we were on our way.

Let the adventure begin!

Aki, and I were on our way. First stop- the lake to try our hands at fishing. Aki snagged one right away, which roused our hopes for several more. But it would not be. We only caught weeds from then on until we left.

Aki, my guide with the only catch of the day.

Next stop, Robbers Cave state park in Wilburton, Oklahoma. I've been here several times before and ended up being more of a guide to poor Aki, than he was to me. The trails are clearly marked by orange paint and signs, but poor Aki, the "Wind Walker" quickly became the "Winded Walker" and I had to help him up to the summit.

"Are you okay, Aki?"
"You are almost there, Aki. You can do it!"
He made it!

Aki agreed to stay put while I explored a bit further. I left him in the shade to cool off while I climbed a few more treacherous peaks.

What a great day! I had fun. Aki admitted that he had fun too. I can't wait to do it again. But for now...

On to the next adventure!


James Wilcox

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