Pop art story book By Divya Gootam.

March 14th, Tuesday.

Last class, initial sketches were checked. Taking Keith Haring as an inspiration, 3 of the 6 sketches would be okay. Suggestions made were asking to add more Keith Haring inspired drawing within the sketches. Instead of having men doing actions, my pop art will have women. Maybe, I'll add one dog to have a focal point. Colors I want to use are darker shades, but I also want to have transparent spaces which I can achieve by cutting out shapes and put some wrap on it? The plan for today is to take the passed sketches and draw them full size with all the colors and how I would want the final product to look.

March 20th, 2017.

Using the men that Keith Haring uses, I tried to make them women. I tried to get little tutu's on them. At the moment, they are placed a little too high and they look like pretty shirts. Hopefully, they look like skirts when they are brought down more. I will use this design as my book cover. Also, for this project, I have decided to use metallic markers to colors. I think it will look different than any one else's and it will add a pop.

march 22nd,2017

Using the picture above, I'm going to make a book cover. Since the paper is so much larger than the sketch book paper, sizes will change. I also plan on adding a couple more shapes to fill out some empty spaces. I don't think I will follow along with the plan of adding crimped paper. I cannot find a good purpose for it and I could not really incorporate it into any of the designs. I also don't want them randomly placed on my book covers.

March 24th, 2017

Last class, I drew out the sketches on the paper and traced them with metallic markers. I colored them in so it would not look too much like Keith Haring's original sketches. Going off of the design plan, I decided to add a couple of triangles and more people to cover up the empty spaces. Still not sure what shape I'll cut the paper to make it a book cover. Ideas for book cover shape: 2 Squares, a person standing, a big triangle.

March 28th, 2017

I decided to go with squares for the book covers. Should have measured twice before I cut because I ended up cutting some of the elements I wanted on my book cover. I took the two papers and glued them onto two separate pieces of cardboard. After this, the book covers are looking a little empty because they have a lot of white space. I'm debating about weather I should paint out the white or just add more shapes in with metallic markers.

March 30th, 2017

Today, I have to draw all of the other designs onto the bigger paper. I started this last class but not that much progress has been made. On the front side of the paper I plan on adding a lot of people in skirts, like my book cover. On the back, maybe I'll do a lot of triangles and squares, all colored in solid colors with white dots everywhere. I already added the places where I will have sections of the paper pop out and sections where I cut out the paper altogether.

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Divya Gootam

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