Wanted-Neon (Ne) By jenna casey

Neons atomic number is 10, the atomic mass is 20.18, and the atomic symbol is Ne.

Its a colorless gas, has a melting point is -249°c and its boiling point is -246°c. Neon is a noble gas, therefore it has no luster or hardness. Its density is .0009 and its 2/3 the density of air.

Neon does not have any alias.

Neon is .0018% volume of Earths Atmosphere. Neon is on the right side of the periodic table with the noble gasses. Its period number is two, and it does not form a compound with any atom, the only atoms in the noble gasses that form compounds are krypton, radon, and xenon.

Neon is used for cryogenic freezing, which turns gas into liquids for easier storage or transport. It is also used for high-voltage indicators, lightning arresters, diving equipment and lasers. Neon is also an important cryogenic refrigerant, it has 40 times more refrigerating capacity than liquid nitrogen. It is also in light up signs, because when electricity flows through it it glows reddish - orange, but under normal conditions its colorless.

First arresting officer is Sir William Ramsay in 1898 through the study of liquified air.

Neon is colorless and odorless non combustible gas which is chemically inert. The vapors are lighter than air and non toxic but can act was an asphyxiant. Exposure to heat or fire may cause it to rupture and rocket violently.

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