Soccer Boots made by: MAuricio Martinez

There are many different types of soccer boots

one of the soccer boots are nike mercurial superfly cr7

The nike superfly are made out of leather the created of the boot is Cristano Ronaldo and the price range is about $300

another type of boot is the magista obra 2

these boots may seem strange at the look but the thermal vision is to help the player find and fell the ball. They are one of the most comfortable boots . The price range is about $174

there is one more boot i will show you is adidas ace 16 pure control

these are are one of the best boots you can get they are very light weight and they are good for sprinters the price range is about $ 300

That is just a little bit of the boots there are many more different types of boots I can go on forever but I don't fell like it. I told you about nike mercurial superfly cr7, the magista obra 2, and the adidas ace 16 pure control, so now that i told about some soccer boots hopefully you learned something.


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