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Taize Powell


I love depicting human expression and the natural ebb and flow of nature. I work with heavy body and texture to blend abstract with realism. Art for me is life!

Artist Statement

It is said the beauty of melancholy; is an opportunity to dig deeper, to allow the walls of our subconscious to crumble as we reach our rawest emotions, and here what our innermost voice is telling us. I have attempted to capture a few of these melancholy moments of life on canvas, please enjoy.

I was born and raised in Burnaby, BC, and spent a great deal of time in the outdoors. I obtained great artistic inspiration from nature and through my time spent with my mother and grandmother as a child listening to jazz music daily. Our home was covered in classical African American Art. Artists such as Charles White, and Paul Gauguin were inspirational as I developed my own style. Throughout this exhibition the viewer will witness a transformation and growth from the artist I was, to the artist I have always been.


It is said the beauty of melancholy; is an opportunity to dig deeper, to allow the walls of our subconscious to crumble as we reach our rawest emotions, and here what our innermost voice is telling us.

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Melancholy Chords 36"x30" Oil on Canvas, NFS; Artist Notes: Melancholy, as this young girl sits leisurely with a violin in her hands the light captures the look on her face somewhat indifferent perhaps an attitude adjustment is required maybe, she is being compelled to play or practice when she rather be doing something else. This painting was inspired by the many times I was compelled to do things I really would rather not. Her face reflects some of the looks my daughter gives me when I ask her to clean up her toys or a stern talking. This painting is done with oils on stretched linen I used heavy texture with bold contrast in color to set the mood.
Evening Serenade 60"x60" Oil on Canvas, NFS; Artist Notes: Evening Serenade: is a 60 by 60 oil on stretched canvas with a heavy body rough knifed texture. It is a panoramic view from a drone like perspective of an elderly lady on her porch enjoying her evening cigarette and brandy as she has so many nights before. Below two men serenade the evening with music. This painting is inspired by my childhood evenings spent with my grandmother listening to jazz music.
Haratin Maiden 18"x24" Oil on Canvas, $800.00; Artist Notes: The second in the series is the Haratine Maiden. The maiden has a face stark with overt emotional pain, as though she has been crying. Her experiences are new, terrifying as she loses her youth to the horrors of slavery. This painting is done on a cotton canvas with oil paints, I used cleaner and more defined brushstrokes to bring her emotion to life.
A Spiritual Moment 24"x36" Oil on Wood Cradle, $1500; Artist Notes: Spiritual Moment Between Mother and Child depicts a mother sitting calmly with a young baby breastfeeding inside of a cathedral. Her breastfeeding stands in defiance of the commonly acceptable ideology of behavior within Holy place. The mother and her child enjoy the purest form of spirituality we have, the spiritual moments between the mother while she sustains her baby through breastfeeding. This painting is done on a wood panel with oils, I used heavy textures in the background and fine patterns and softer strokes for the mother and child. Beautiful bold colors bring the drapery to life.
Haratin Mother 18"x24" Oil on Canvas, $800.00; Artist Notes: During a time in my life when I was doing research into life and history, I came across the stories of the Haratine people of Mauritania in West Africa. Sadly, this ethnic group find themselves the victims of modern-day slavery. After watching a documentary on these people, I felt compelled to depict some of these women. The Haratine Mother; is a woman hardened and beaten by her circumstances her face is callous and somewhat indifferent. I use heavy body oils on a wood panel to accentuate the hard lines sculpted in her face.
Floral Moments 48"x36" Oil on Canvas, $1800.00;
The Lady of The Tower 56"x28" Oil and Mixed Media on Board, $2000.00; Artist Notes: Lady of The Tower is a large heavy oil painting done on wood panel sculpted with plaster. The elements of heavy texture contrast with the softer bright light and smooth brushstrokes, giving an almost renaissance feel. In esoteric literature the name Mary Magdalene means lady of the tower. The Lady of the Tower also gives reference to the “tower moment”, the dark night of the soul when we take the greatest leap of faith inwards and find our true self, leave the old self behind for supreme growth. The deep subliminal symbolism is inspired by my own spiritual journey. This painting pushes the boundaries of the modern acceptable concept and has a slightly erotic feeling.
Troublesome Toddler 48"x36" Oil on Canvas, $1800.00; Artist Notes: Troublesome Toddler, often in European classical and contemporary art nudity is considered acceptable. This is not always the case outside of the euro centric paradigm. I break these boundaries by placing a young nude melanated mother bathing her child in the pure moment life can offer, a moment every mother can relate to who has dealt with a troublesome toddler. The scene is set in nature as the mother and her child are shrouded, on either side by blue herons. This painting is oil on stretched linen. I use brush, knife and even my fingers to bring depths to the colors in the water.


Taize Powell is a life long artist based in Burnaby, BC. In addition to his personal art practice he has been a scenic artist in the film industry for the past seven years. This experience has exposed him to a wide variety of artistic mediums and techniques, as well as giving him the opportunity to work with world renowned artists, producers and directors. He feels that it has challenged to push his boundaries artistically and always strive for greatness.

When Taize was growing up his home was filled with African carvings and traditional paintings. This foundation became a strong inspiration for him in his formative years and was reflected in much of his artwork. His current medium of choice is oil on wood or canvas, but he is proficient at a wide variety of finishes and works diligently to perfect his skills. Taize has always loved to paint and draw people, and works to capture their moods, emotions, expressions and feelings by combining realism with the abstract.


This show has been presented as a live exhibition installed in the gallery and a digital exhibition for viewing online. Taize Powell's virtual Artist Talk streams live to Facebook on April 22, 2021. The gallery is open daily for in-person visits. See PoMoArts.ca for Gallery hours and our COVID 19 Safety Plan.

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