The Era Good Feelings by mariana parra

Era of good feelings

The era of good feelings took place from 1815 to 1825. It was a national mood where there was developing a new nation. The country was very different from today. There were no cars so there was slow traveling since there was only horse drawn carriages. And it was the start of national pride of being american. It was also the start of music, art, and literat

Early american politics The era of good feelings was a national pride of a growing nation to what it is today. People like henry clay wanted to make the government better by adding a national bank. This was one of his plans for the nation and the government. He also thought that the government should have limited power in the economy.

"let us under a sttled conviction, an an habitibal feelig that these twenty four stated are one country" -henry clay

Symbols and Values Symbols had much value to them. They could represent something big that means a lot to a country. At this time america's citizens felt like the needed to feel After the british burned down washington d.c they rebuilt the white house and other government buildings. Even if congress did not agree with the cost, they were proud of the result. Today we see the white house as a national symbol.

a national sybmbol for us today

Art americans brought european traditions of art but they only started to have their own styles and using them until the era of good feelings. There were often people who were ordinary who painted paintings of their own style, they called this folk art. Women sewed quilts and man carved decoys of hunting and weather vanes.

this a folk art that ordinary people created

Music In the 1800’s music was now performed or heard in churches. Some music was also played outside with old tunes but new lyrics. For example the “star spangled banner” was made from an old tune. Slaves made spirituals. They were white tunes or songs and african styles of music to combine these together. They also entertained each other along with entertaining their masters.

the star spangeled banner was made from an old tune

Literature for literature there was one of the first novels, stories and legends. Washington irving was one of the first writers who earned literary fame. He wrote tales like, “rip van winkle” and “ the legend of sleepy hollow”. People like these who earned literary fame were the ones who encouraged the national growth.

one of the tales of washington irving that is still famous today

Should it be era of good feelings? Some people may argue that it should not be called the era of good feelings. Slaves did not agree with this time being called the era of good feelings. The south and north was very different from eachother and this is was one of the reasons why they didn't agree. In the south they couldn't, own guns, travel, have certain jobs, and the had to be controlled because almost everyone considered them dangerous. In the south they couldn't, vote, have a job, be treated equally, good paying jobs and they're children were not allowed to go to a public school. This is why they didn't agree with the naming of the era of good feelings.

slaves weren't really free when free

to conlude the era of good feelings was a national sensation that changed the united states forever onto what it is today. there were people who mad a huge impact like james manroe. there were the first novels, and original art. this was a great time to help tha nation grow to what it has become today.


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