‘Saanjh’ – a film by Ajay Saklani The first-ever Pahari Film Releasing Nationwide

The stage is set for the first-ever Pahari film to go nationwide. Witness the magic of Pahari culture and tradition at its Best when Saanjh, a beautifully made film releases on as many as 250 screens across the nation. On Friday, 14th April, 2017 which coincidently precedes Himachal Day i.e. Saturday, 15th April 2017 this film will be a great gift to the beautiful people of Himachal along with people who have Pahari roots. It is indeed a great effort put together by team behind Saanjh and they deserve an applause for that.

A 16-year-old girl from a metro city is forcefully taken to a remote village where she finds her lonely grandmother as a companion to share their solitude.

Those of you who do not still know about this film, I would like to mention that it is has been made in Pahari language (dialect) but will be screened in as many as 22 states of our country. It is a proud moment of every Himachali. Do check out with popular newspapers and ticketing apps like BookMyShow and Paytm where it is releasing near you. No matter whether you are a Pahari or come from any other background of this lovely nation that brims with diversity, watching a film like Saanjh is going to be a unique experience for you.

I still remember the time when I first saw the film ‘The Blue Umbrella’ based upon a novel going by the same name authored by legendary Ruskin Bond and acted so well by leads and supporting cast in the film. The movie was a true masterpiece by celebrated Director Mr. Vishal Bhardwaj and carried brilliant act put together by my personal favourite Mr. Pankaj Kapoor. The irony is that only few people know about that film as well but those like me who have watched it, we know what wonders Indian actors and film making teams can do. There are other examples too.

What makes Saanjh so unique and a must watch for everyone?


- The film Saanjh has been created by artists, actors and creators having Pahari origin, most of them coming from Himachal Pradesh.

- It falls into category of ‘Drama’ and very excellently portrays natural emotions that are experienced in a person’s life. The major focus being on feelings surrounding separation from one’s people, place and motherland

- It shows how grown up children choose to live far away from their parents in search of bread and butter leaving the latter in isolation and wait

- A story of migration, separation and solitude – While one part haunts with darkness of separation the other part details how light is witnessed by those who find meaning and value the relationships. So basically, the film Saanjh introduces you to both sides of the same coin which we call life. The originality of the script deserves an applause

- Ajay Saklani is the man behind this beautiful film which will soon set a history of its own and inspire many young people to believe in what they do and work with passion.
- Asif Basra popular Indian film, television and theatre actor plays a major role in Saanjh. He has worked in notable projects like Black Friday, Parzania, Jab We Met, Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai, Kai Po Che, Ek Villain, Krrish 3, Manjunath and Freaky Ali in which he paired up with Nawazuddin Siddiqui for an inspirational and comical role. He has even worked in a romantic comedy Hollywood film named Outsourced directed by John Jeffcoat which was released in 2006. It is for the first time that he will be playing a role in Himachali film that too releasing nationwide.
- Well, there are many firsts that this film is going to set. Mohit Chauhan, a celebrity singer whose talent in music is known internationally and who remains in close touch with his Pahari roots has given his voice to two out of 5 pahari songs that will be featured in the film

- 90% of shooting of Saanjh has been done in Himachal

- Apart from Asif Saklani and Taranjeet Kaur all other actors belong from Himachal. This is therefore a magnanimous effort by the actors of north Indian hill state

- Aditi, a student from Chamba college plays role of Asif’s daughter in this film while another actor named Vishal hails from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. Another big name from Mandi is associated with this film and without her the film would have never been complete – Roopeshwari Sharma a famous poetess and actress plays role of Asif’s mother and Aditi’s grandmother in this movie.

- The film which has so many feathers to its cap was helped with commercial release by people working in film industry who come from Himachal as well. Well known Shoryaveer Saagar from Shimla and Praveen Chandel from Bilaspur have helped the film to reach masses.

The film has already bagged awards at both national and international levels which clearly speak volumes about it. For more info, see the glideshow shared below:

A simple yet profound film with many awards to its credit.

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Powerful acts put together to bring out the best of story for the silver-screen.

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An introspective, meaningful film on relationships.

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Leading actor Asif Basra was overwhelmed with the experience he had in being a major part of this film.

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Set in the beautiful Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh, Saanjh follows the journey of Sanju, a 16-year-old city girl who becomes the victim of bogus social-media posts. When her father discovers a compromising online video in which Sanju supposedly features, he consigns her to their remote ancestral village to stay with her grandmother. Isolated and dejected, Sanju encounters ill-mannered house guest Jonga and finds surprising solace in his company. Unable to adjust to the village lifestyle, she hatches a plan to escape the village with help of Jonga, but need time to raise enough cash. Meanwhile, Sanju slowly begins to understand her grandmother’s pain—living a secluded life with almost no contact with her children—and a deep bond grows between them. When the grandmother falls sick, the film focuses on one unforgettable Saanjh (evening) in which they are caught between light and darkness.


Genre: Drama

Studio: Silent Hills Studio

Nationwide Release Partner: SHORYA Entertainment Establishmentz Pvt. Ltd.


  • 'Award of Merit' at 'The Accolade Global Film Competition'
  • 2017 Official Selection – Los Angeles – Women’s International Film Festival
  • 2017 Official Selection – Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival
  • Divya Himachal Best Feature Film Himachal Excellence Award 2016


  • Aditi Charak,
  • Vishal Parpagga
  • Asif Basra
  • Taranjit Kaur
  • Rupeshwari Sharma
  • Tanu Bhardwaj
  • Amit Patyal
  • Sumit Sharma
  • Dhirender Singh Rawat
  • Hoshiyar Singh Gautam

- a film by Ajay Saklani

Created By
Harshendra Mehta


Photos are properties of Saanjh by all means.

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