Two Waterfall Hikes Wednesdays in the Park Series

My Wednesdays in the Park series continues as I find myself redoing some trails I did last fall or winter. While this is not moving me forward on my goal of hiking every trail in the Shenandoah National Park, the larger goal of simply enjoying being in the great outdoors is being amply met. My last two hiking days were both devoted to getting to water falls with Barb joining me, a real treat not often to be repeated. On one of the trips we were joined by a photography friend for whom the trip was not such a treat and definitely will not be repeated. As she said to me when I saw her a week later “I’m never walking to a waterfall again!” Some nice pictures came of the outing so all was not lost even though it looked like she might not make it back to the car….

Everyone was still happy at this point in the trip

The wildflowers en route to the fall were a real distraction, requiring many stops along the way.

And then finally the South River Falls.

Last week’s trip (Overall Run) was to a waterfall that only flows after sufficient rain. After two days of rain the flow was fantastic. The trail itself in places turned into a little stream.

We started in a cool fog for about a half hour and ended in full hot sunshine. Wildflowers are ever an interest to me and when I have my camera I try to get as close as possible.

This is the teaser falls at 26 ft followed a little later by the big show at 93 feet.


Ken Barnett

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