The Home on Mount Lane! By: Emma Webster

My Name

A dark skinned indian who lived with the Iroquois. A soft hearted women that was as sweet as a honeysuckle. My great grandmother. Her name was Emma the same name as me. The meaning is very strange. But my parents had a purpose. I was planned to be the last child they bared so the named me a name with the meaning, ¨ Whole and complete.¨ My name matches the meaning perfectly because I was the last child they had.

My name is very special to my mother because when my mom was 18 her mother( my grandmother) died in a car accident. My mother was left with a step dad that had remarried and a bunch of dumb brothers that had nothing to do with her. The only person she had at this time was her grandmother's sister named Shirley. Shirley nurtured her like a mother and mourned the loss of her niece and her sister who had died 4 years earlier.

After having a child and going through a divorce my mother met my father and she knew he was the forever one. She had my brother and in agreement they had 1 more child. This was going to be the last because the family was already very large. When they found out this baby was going to be a girl my mother decided to name her after her grandmother as a thank you to my aunt and a remembrance of my grandmother. This baby was to be named Emma Grace meaning ¨ Whole and complete.¨ I feel like this name fits me perfectly and I am glad to be named in remembrance of my grandmother I never met and my great grandmother who was an amazing woman and a iroquois indian. I complete the family and carry my heritage in my name.

A gym that is used for training!

Goals and Dreams:

¨Reach for the stars and never give up!¨ That's what every average person is told when they decide to have a dream… Dreams are fantasies and things you want to get to in life. They take you farther than you think they can go! But sometimes as life goes on a dream becomes unrealistic… Not everyone can be a NFL football player or an Olympic gymnast. But everyone can aspire to be. Sometimes these goals may seem unrealistic and people can beat you and tear you down saying , ¨ You're not good enough.¨ But a true person that dreams will keep reaching until they grow up and realise they can be a Gymnast but maybe not an olympic one.

This has happened to me recently; as I approach high school I have to decide what I want to do with the rest of your life. I have to choose what sport I want to do and I have to go after it. This has been hard for me because for years now my parents have been telling me to prepare myself and choose what I like to do best. I have done all of it from track to volleyball. I have finally made a decision and it was harder than trying to pull a needle out of the haystack but I chose gymnastics. It is too late to make it to olympic level but my coach says if I work hard enough I might be able to walk on and become a college gymnast. This has been my dream from the beginning and I can't wait to see where it takes me!

Just like I follow my dreams it proves that with courage and strength to never give up you can get where you want to go. Weather it is sports related or not!

Leaving Home

4 in a row everyone grows up. Leaving home means making choices. College? Work? Family? It's a transition that everyone goes through. Some people are lucky and get to watch others leave home before them and they get to see how each choice and path takes them to each place that a person becomes. I am lucky and get to watch 5 children go before me. I have watched all my siblings grow up and make choices. Some bad and some good. Depending on the choices they started to make in middle school affected how they got through high school or even went to college. 1 of my siblings is still in high school but the other 4 are considered grown ups now!

All 4 of them are my half siblings. 3 lived with there mom and 1 that was from my moms side lived with us. The 3 that didnt live in my home only visited every once in a while. We tried to help them go to college but they wanted to go straight into adulthood. 2 are now married and 1 has kids. The single sister is now a flight attendent because my parents helped her get a job. They are all doing fairly well and have learned to live in the world and get by. My other sister is now in college and she goes to Oklahoma University. She is on the carrer path to be a physicain asistant and is on the path for PA school. Her choices were much differnet than my other siblings and I can see that she is going to go farther in life….

By the time I get to my choice of college I will be like a bear after hibernation; an expert on choices and how to live life to get by. I will be out there and ready to go! Leaving home is a big step you take in life and 4 years might seem like a lifetime but it is right around the corner I know I will be ready!

Background Essay

My vignettes connect to me personally. The things I have been able to watch and learn help me know who I am and it helps me shape my identity. For example if I chose volleyball instead of gymnastics I would be known as a volleyball player instead of a gymnast. This takes part in shaping my identity just like Esperanza's experiences from the House on Mango Street shaped her. Just like Esperanza watched people grow up I have too. I have watched people get married and make decisions. Some we don't agree with like Esperanza didn't agree with Sally's choice of marrying young.

The House on Mango street has many coming of age moments I have only one coming of age moment. This was when I had to grow up and learn how to let people go. When my sister left for college I had to learn to live without her from time to time. I was going into 8th grade this took place. I have grown up so much just like Esperanza had to grow up in the house on mango street. I liked the story line of this book but it was a little hard to follow. The vignette format makes it difficult to understand at some points. It makes you think beyond the text and put two and two together. If I had to read a book like this again I wouldn't be extremely excited but I wouldn't be to upset about it. I have learned a lot through reading the book but I would have much rather read a regular chapter book...

Future Home


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