Why marriage is a good thing Printess Smith

  • Marriage is good for the children - children raised outside of stable marriages are much more likely to fall into poverty, use drugs, have children outside of marriage, abuse others or be abused, have sex outside of marriage, have teen pregnancy, and commit suicide. Even more than that children outside of marriage are more likely to show signs of mental illness, mental instability, commit crimes and get caught for their crimes. They are also less likely to be successful in careers, marriages, they also earn less money in careers.

Marriage is good for your health - married people have higher bone mineral density, are less likely to catch pneumonia, develop cancer, and have a heart attack. Scientists attribute this to heightened levels of serotonin and dopamine.

Marriage promotes "more and better sex" (under God)

Married men make between 10% and 40% more money than single men

Married people are more likely to own a house

People who have never been married are twice as likely to die early than people who are married. So yea go get married.

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