How To Build A delta Kite BY Nnamdi Obi

So, You want to build a delta kite, but, you don't know how. Now, normally you would watch YouTube, but your Internet's dead. LuckIily, you found a random kid in math class that just happened to be doing a project on kites. So, lets get into the action!

The first thing you want to do to make you DIY kite is....gather materials(what were you expecting?). What you will need is: some kind of fabric(wrapping paper is fine), some material to use for crossbars(wooden dowel rods, or craft sticks. Finally, you will need a hot glue gun to glue things together. Let's start building, but first, remember these tips: Hot glue is DANGEROUS. Don't make the mistake of buring a part of your body. Secondly, If hot glue burns through your material of choice, work around it or choose a different one, things can get annoying.

To build it, make a square out of your fabric, and make a cut that turns the square into an isoceles triangle with the third side cut inwards, as shown

I know its the same picture, but...we've had some major budget cuts to our picture finding organization, so we had to skip a meal just to produce this picture for you guys, so be thankful

Now, if you are using craft sticks, connect the top and bottom vertexes together, and make a line that is the mid segment of the 2 sides. You're done! Decorate it!...please.

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