Life as Data

Yin Chu’s life will be full of choices. Her life can, at times, be helped with the use of the data on EeDen.

You need to use the data, where you or your team think you need to.

Dilemma: Make the right choices based on the large data and the large numbers of sensors within each scenario. Use your team to discuss your understanding of future uses of data collection to push Yin Chu to greatness.

Yin Chu is 11 years old...

and with the help of her brother and sister helps her family’s business in the evening and at weekends.

All three of them help lead the business (alongside her family) with her brother and sister on the video platform UQ.

UQ is doing really well for Yin Chu and her parent’s business because it is directly linked to the family’s EeDen accounts. The business, it’s sales and popularity across social media is part of the appeal.

UQ video platform

All the people who buy the products can see the score and the background of Yin Chu’s parents and, they can see that they are honest about their buisiness.

Their scores and reviews (and replies) are all written by really satisfied customers who come into the shop as well as reviews across their media accounts.

The Wu電子產品 Family Electronics channel
The new channel’s data

The choice they have to make...

They have a choice to gain slow but steady shoppers and clients from the Shanghai area (potential 10 million people) or they can try to expand UQ with more personal products for each region. However, the shoppers are in smaller numbers at the moment.

The rise of shopper and viewer data from UQ

While tracking the huge amount of UQ viewer data from all it’s users around the country it shows most of the shoppers are mainly from HeFei and scattered around Guangdong.

Currently the UQ network data shows that they appeal mainly to the local and online areas and, male users aged 18 to 26 with a spike at 36 too.

What should the family do with this data?

Hit the button below to make their first choice for them.

Scores are out of 10 points (5 for correct choice and you must submit to score another 5 points)

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Life Action Aged 12

You are now the police.

  • You can take the taxi driver’s word for it and investigate the girls causing the accident by distracting the driver.
  • You can investigate that the pedestrian was in the road at the wrong time.
  • You can use the data surrounding the accident.

Traditional police techniques work well in these situations because the cameras available are not usable.

Instead, time is the key to solving this problem. According to the SOS alert on the pedestrian’s health tracker ( the accelerometer), the incident happened at 11:38.36 am.

What do you do? Your choices will affect Yin Chu and her sister greatly if you don’t choose wisely and do all you can to uphold the law.

With your team, work out the best plan of action.

The law

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Glenn Malcolm

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