The voyage of a lifetime. By:caroline holleran

It was 1912. A great year for me so far. I was outside of the famous titanic waiting to board for its maiden voyage. Then I heard my dad "Beth, come here chap." My dad has always called me chap. Since I was little. I was on holiday for a fortnight, and my dad suprised me and took me on the titanic. First class tickets! I walked into the chuffed titanic and was amazed by the bits 'n bobs everywhere. It's just like everybody had said it was.

When we got in our room, I figured I would take a kip. It had been a long day anyways! I needed to save my energy for tonight at dinner when we leave the dock. When I layed down on our wicked bed, I fell right asleep.

I awoke in a fright. It was 4:00. I have enough time to get ready for dinner. I went to take a shower, and right when I touched the water, the memories of my dreams came back to me. It was something about the titanic sinking. I can remember, but I can't remember exactly why. It didn't matter, because the titanic was UNSINKABLE. Well, so I thought.

"Father, it is time for dinner. You don't want to be late do you?" I called to my father who was buttoning his jumper. "No sweetheart I don't," my father replied as he kissed me on the forehead and headed out for dinner.

When we got to dinner there was a young steward seating us. "Lad, may you bring us some water," said my father. I went to use the Lou, and when I got back there was a bap sitting at my seat, along with a serviette, and a glass of water. My meal was delicious, I ordered fish and chips. We went back to the room.

We went on with our vacation, each day almost exactly like the previous one. I made some friends along the way. I met some people who knew the ship way better than me, and they showed me around. They showed me something that i have never seen before, only heard about, a lift. I hung out with them for the rest of the vacation. They told me about the tubes they had in New York. New York sounded like it had a lot of fun stuff to do. They said it had all types of stores. Some even especially made for trainers! I couldn't wait until we got to New York!

Like I said, each day was basically the same. Except for April 14, 1912. The day that changed my life forever. I was hanging out with my father that day, since he had been with his mates the whole week and i had been with my friends. It was the morning. I had decided to wake my father up to watch the sunrise. I took out our torch out of our bathroom and looked around the room. I turned on the light and woke my father. We walked outside of our room and watched the sun rise. It was a beautiful way to start the worst day ever.

It was a great day, until later that night. It was a frigid night. My father and I were walking back to our room from dinner. All of a sudden, the whole titanic shook and made the worst sound I've ever heard. There were screams coming from every direction. My dad ran to the back of the boat the try to figure out what had happened. I followed my father and saw a giant ice burg pass. I knew exactly what had happened. The titanic was going to do the unthinkable, sink. The titanic could stay afloat with up to 4 compartments filled with water, but since the ice burgs had run down the side, scraping many and leaving a hole there, there must have been at least 5 that have been filled. I paced back and forth, wondering what I was going to do. The men stay behind. The women and children go on the lifeboats. I turned around, not even being able to look at my dad. Standing behind me was my mum. I hadn't seen her in 4 years, because she was accused of committing a crime she didn't do. I just stood there for a moment and then jumped into her arms. My dad heard my happiness and turned around to see what I was doing. He saw my mum and tears of joy filled his eyes. At this point we were all crying. Not of sadness, but of joy. We were so happy that we didn't even notice that everybody was screaming "THE BOATS GOING TO SINK." My family ran back to our room to get dressed. I had on a big coat and so did my mom and dad. It was particularty cold that night. Nobody really knew what to do when we got by the life boats. The only thing we knew was that the titanic was going down into the cold dark ocean.

After about an hour the workers started boarding women and children on lifeboats. They let first class go first. Finally it time for my mum and I to get on. They offered my dad a spot on the life boat, but he said that he would help women and children get on first, and then maybe get on one before it sinks. As we were lowered into the water I thought about what I would do if I never saw my dad again. I tried not to think about that. The titanic was sinking, slowly. The last lifeboat was launched, and I didn't see my father get on. There were screams coming from every direction, and I looked to see what was happening. As I looked the titanic broke into 2 pieces, and one half went down into the water. It wasn't long after that when the other half of the titanic was at its last straw. I covered my eyes because I didn't want to see what all was happening. I peeked once and saw people sliding down the titanic, or jumping off of it. Then I decided that I should keep my eyes closed. I watched the whole titanic sink down into the water, followed by muffled screams, followed by horrific silence. The silent, frigid, murky waters were too calm. Nobody spoke. People only cried. Many people had lost their family members that day. Including my family. But life goes on, weather you want it to or not, one silent, cold wave at a time.

Voyage- trip//chap= friend// holiday-vacation// fortnight- 2 weeks// chuffed- very pleased// bits 'n bobs- random things// kip- nap// wicked- cool//jumper- weather or coat//lad- person// lou-bathroom// bap- roll//serviette- napkin// fish and chips= fish and fries// lift- elevator// tube- subway// trainers- sneakers// mates- friends// torch- flashlight// mum- mom


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