Roman Civil War By: Alex Chirgwin, Aiden Cunningham, Kellen Gannon

How Many Roman Civil Wars were there?

There were two Roman civil wars. The first was from 88 to 30 BCE. The second went from 235 to 284 BCE.

What was an impact of the first roman civil war?

It led to an end of the Roman Republic. Caesar became a Dictator. Caesar then died and Agustus took power and became an empereror causing Rome to became an empire instead of a Republic.

What Was a cause of the second roman civil war?

The second roman war civil was sparked by the assassination Severus Alexander. After he was assassinated Gaius Julius Verus Maximinus seceded him as the ruler. While in power he exploited the opportunities of the severan army and he also established the pattern of succession by murder and civil war

What was a spark of the first Roman Civil War?

The personal and political rivalry between Gaius Marius and Lucius Cornelius Sulla was a main cause or spark of the first civil war of Rome.

What was an outcome of the second roman civil war?

Diocletian came to power he developed a system of dividing imperial power among four men the tetrarchy.

What marked an end to the first roman civil war?

Octavians victory in the battle actium and his blockade on Antonys camp marked the end of the Roman republic he then became the first Roman emperor and his name was changed to Agustus.

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