Thomas Cole By: Mia Donovan

Early Life

  • Born on February 1, 1801 in Bolton, Lancashire, England.
  • English-born American.

Family Life

  • Married to Maria Bartow
  • 5 children
  • Theodore Alexander Cole
  • Mary Bartow Cole
  • Emily Cole
  • Elizabeth Cole
  • Thomas Cole Jr.
  • Had a sister named Sarah
  • She is a landscape artist also

Why He is Important

  • Found the Hudson River School for Artists
  • An amazing landscape artist
  • Paintings are very beautiful
  • Also, wrote letters and poems
  • Were published in paper and magazines in NY

This is one of his most famous work The Voyage of Life

Other Famous Works of Art

  • The Course of Empire
  • The Titan's Goblet
  • The Oxbow

Other Information

  • He traveled to a lot of places
  • Left his country to settle in America
  • One year in Philly before going to Ohio
  • Went to Europe
  • Was in Italy
  • Supported Asher B. Durand and Frederic E. Church
  • Studied landscapes of Thomas Doughty and Thomas Birch

When His Life Came to an End

  • Died on February 11, 1848 in Catskill, New York
  • 47 when he died
  • Was ill
  • Funeral was at Saint Luke's Church
  • People in New York were upset when he died


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