Floorsense and Floorsight Floorsight has been upgraded with intuitive features to help businesses keep employees safe!

Floorsight’s new features can help your workplace to operate safely!

New features include:

  • Support for contact tracing via new reports showing who has been working near who
  • Helping to enforce social distancing via desk lockoff which prevents users working too close
  • Tracking of workpoint cleaning via the swipe-card reader in the floorsight puck
  • Helping users find recently sanitised workpoints via a visual floorplan
  • Enabling users to check in from home, and providing new home-working ratio reports
  • We will also offer a quick to deploy cloud-based Floorsense Virtual product for customers without Floorsense hardware

Administrators can quickly “lock off” desks in certain areas to ensure that users can only check in to spaces that are a safe distance from other users.

If a user ends up sick, it’s important to know who they have been in contact with during the incubation period. Floorsight lets you check in to workpoints via either a building card or phone so it can provide an accurate history of where users have spent the majority of their time and who was working nearby during the same period.

The Floorsight puck can track the time and frequency of workpoint cleaning via a swipe of the cleaner's access card on the puck.

The contactless swipe signals to the system that the workpoint is now clean, along with audio and visual feedback to both cleaner and user.

The Floorsight live floorplan view tracks workspace cleaning as it happens so office managers can check the status at any time, as well as manually update the status of any workpoints after spot cleaning.

As workpoints are used throughout the day they become marked on the live floorplan so users know where to work and what needs to be cleaned again if shared between users.

The Floorsense app intuitively shows users spaces that haven’t been used since last cleaned, so they can pre-book them before arriving at work (for admin defined period). No other users will be able to check into the space while pre-booked.

It's clear that working from home will become a lot more prevalent for many businesses.

  • The Floorsight App now lets users tag in virtually from their home office location (with or without any actual Floorsense hardware), so that other users in the office know they are at work.
  • Home users still appear in the floorplan kiosk user search results, only with the static text of “Working from home” location indicated rather than actual location on the office floorplan.
  • Floorsense reporting now includes “working from home” on user reports, so that employers can quickly understand the ratio of home vs office time on a per user basis.

No time to deploy Floorsight hardware before in-office contact tracing controls need to be put in place?

  • Floorsense now offers a virtual solution whereby workpoints have QR code stickers on them rather than our hardware. Users can scan into a workpoint using the Floorsense app as if using the hardware.
  • Movement between workpoints and neighbours are automatically traced and can be reported on.
  • Customers can later upgrade to full Floorsense/Floorsight hardware in each workpoint with minimal effort.
  • Floorsense Virtual is delivered as a fully cloud-based solution and just requires a floorplan with desk numbers and a list of users. Deployment will typically take less than 48 hours.