Lung Cancer Alyssa Zapata Ever Rivas Ernesto Ortiz Santiago Moreno

Who does it infect?

80 percent and 90 percent of lung cancer deaths occurs in women and men, respectively. Men who smoke are 23 times more likely to develop lung cancer. Women are 13 times more likely, compared to non smokers. Overall it affects adults.

What is it?

Lung cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that start off in one or both lungs; usually in the cells that line the air passages. The abnormal cells do not develop into healthy lung tissue, they divide rapidly and form tumors.

When was it discovered? Who discovered it?

Lung cancer was discovered in 1878, by a German Physician named Fritz Lickint.

Where was it discovered?

Lung cancer was discovered in Germany. You can get treatments for lung cancer in hospitals, small cell lung cancer is treated with chemotherapy and non small lung cancer gets treated with surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or a combination of them. It occurs in the lungs and lung cancers can spread when cells break off from the tumor, and travel through the bloodstream.

Why do people catch it?

People can get lung cancer when inhaling cigarette smoke which is full of cancer causing substances. It causes changes in the lung tissue which begin immediate.

How does this relate to you?

Lung cancer relates to humans because smoking is a common thing, 36.5 million adults smoke in the United States. More than 16 million Americans live with a smoking-related disease including lung cancer

Are there medication to stop or is there any prevention?

There isn't a way to prevent lung cancer, but the only way you can reduce it is to stop smoking and limit your exposure to pollutants.

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