Hair&co. For all my curly wurlys

Hello, my name s Chyanne Evans and I am a Curly wurly. I love my hair and I'm here to encourage and show how to where your curly hair out, show product to use, and hair Recipes to keep your hair healthy

Curly hair is beautiful. Love the way it looks on you if you are a curly or wavy to straight. This is for all hair types. All hair is beautiful, you are beautiful. Don't ever forget that.

Hair types are very interesting. They show each texture, like, 2c, 3a, 3b, 3c, etc. There are different ways to take care of these hair types, because they are all different, but there are some basic hair rules and recipes every Curly wurly has to know.


Cucumbers are great for almost every part of your body including your hair. It helps your scalp and moisturizes your hair. Traditionally made into a hair smoothie with honey or other fruits.


Honey has great benefits to your body and your hair. Honey helps moisturize and increase length in your hair. Also repairs scalp and decreases dandruff. Traditionally made into a gel.


Hibiscus is very beneficial when it comes to hair. Increases length in hair repair most hair damage and great moisturizer. Traditionally hibiscus used hair wise is made into a spritz.


Flaxseeds are great for the scalp and helps decrease dandruff. Traditionally made into a gel.

Use these ingredients and make something special for your hair. Use all the advice I've given you and be proud to be a Curly wurly.

Created By
Chyanne Evans


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