Graphic Design and Illustrations The four icon challenge

Let's begin by understanding a little bit about the world of illustration and graphic design. Watch the two following videos.

Icons are defined as a “picture, image, or other representation.” and “a picture or symbol that appears on a monitor and is used to represent a command, eg. a file drawer to represent filing.” Icons are simple shapes often created in one color that are used to explain, symbolize or represent an idea. Icons are helpful!

Now watch this short video to find out more about Icons, symbols and language.

Check out this website (you have to keep scrolling down to get all of the information) https://historyoficons.com/

Ideas for the 4 Icon Challenge: http://kyletezak.com/four-icon-challenge.html

The following video is an example of how to make a story with 4 icons. You have enough knowledge to create your own...this video is merely an example!

Using Adobe Illustrator, create a series of four graphic icons that attempt to boil down stories into four icons while keeping the narrative intact. It forces you to re-examine some of your favorite stories and gain a deeper understanding of them. Pick a movie or a book and then brainstorm and think of 4 icons you can draw that will depict your choice. Do not use words, only icons. When finished, submit to google classroom as an ai file and we will see if the class can guess your movie!


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