Dog care by molly remeika

table of contents

1.what dogs need

2,what dogs eat

3,what dog do you want?

4, caring for a dog


Woof woof woof ! here come the dogs barking and howling all through the yard , some are helpful and use them as guides , some you have for fun but you shod love them with all your heart even if they do silly things you don't understand .

chapter 1 what dogs need

If you think dogs are really cool you go get one but , you need the supplies they need

You need a popper skooper to pick up after it .

You need a collar and leash to walk it .

You need food and water for your dog to eat and drink .

You need everything a dog needs , if you have fun taking care of your new dog !

chapter 2 feeding your dog

feeding a dog is very important . you need food for it .

one of the most important things is, don't feed your dog chocolate , it can poison it or possibly maybe make it die.

Dogs should eat kibble like what they are supposed to .

There is also a type of ice creem that dogs can eat and it is healthy for them .

Feeding a dog can be fun or not but your dog needs food no matter what .

chapter 3 what dog do you want?

There are many different types of dogs.

Maybe you will want a chihuahua since they are very yippy and fun .

Perhaps an English bulldog they are not very jumpy but they are playful .

And last maybe a cock a poo they are crazy but fun and funny.

All dogs in the world are awesome but choose one that is best for you.

a little dog

Chapter 4 Caring for a dog

You have to care for your dog to show that you love it .

You can scratch behind its ears or rub its belly to make it happy.

You should give it a bath to keep it clean and fresh.

Take it for walks to help your dog get exercise.

Caring for a dog is important because it shows that you love your dog.


Dogs are super and amazing but you must take care of them of properly and carefully. Then you just might get one , you just might .

a dog walking


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