Charles Frederick Worth the farther of haute couture

Born and raised in England, Charles Frederick Worth became the first world famous French fashion designer. Charles Frederick Worth is a English fashion designer hes was born on 13th October 1825 {Bourne}. He was the first to create and employ the principles of design and fashion that would be called "haute couture," or "high fashion. " Harles frederick worth dictated his style preferences to the crowned heads of Europe during the mid-nineteenth century. His fashion empire spanned in nineteenth century, growing amid the increasing opulence, wealth, and luxury of France's Second Empire, the reign of Britain's Queen Victoria, and America's Gilded Age. With his talent for design and promotion, Charles Frederick Worth built his design house ... would later provide inspiration for Worth's own designs, for both fashionable ... in this way, his aggressive self-promotion earned him the titles “father of.

Charles frederick son was Gaston Lucien Worth he was born on the 5 November 1853 then passed on the 4 April 1924, Rueil-Malmaison, France.

Here is some of the dressers that charles frederick worth design.

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