4A12 Hope Etapa My Adventure to america

Hi my name is Holly Gibson I came here from Poland and now I work in art and I have 3 daughters and a wonderful husband named Michael my oldest daughter is 5 and her name is Anna and she loves to help people and Draw . My other daughter is 4 her name is Erica , she loves to Dance . And my youngest is 1 she likes to play and started to walk about a week ago her name is Kalanie . But any ways I'm going to tell you the story on how I came here . One day me and my friend Brianna were playing and our parents told us the next day that we were going to america with all our family and my sisters friend . They told us that we were going in a week ,on a boat . That day we packed every thing you can think of even our dog ! As we went on the boat I was thinking ''Why are we even going to America '' . The next week we came to our stop ... and you could not even belivie that this was where I was going to live I was only 5 . Me and my mommy and daddy and sister got off the boat with my family it was the year of 1960 we got our eyes checked with a big hook it really did hurt . We had to wait in a 300 foot line it was super big . After that we got to a hotel until we found a house . 3 months later , We found a house in Ilinois .We were looking for newer furniture I had a cool bed it was huge , for my size . We all got settle in our home !!!

The Statue of Liberty has 7 rays . The 7 rays stand for the 7 containents . It was a gift from the french . They had to bring the Statue in pieces on the boat and they had to set it up in New York .
I live in Illinois
My home country

My country is Poland

My favorite things

Seeing the Statue of Liberty , Going on the boat , and last going with my family .


Ellis Island interactive tour BrainpopJr

BrainpopJr Statue of LIberty

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