Dragons And Dinosaurs

Contraption- device machine

This contraption must be fast.

Submerged - immered

Subs are submerged.

Massive - enormous solid

This massive elephant is getting a snack.

Eerie - creepy weird

I would hate to meet any one wearing this eerie mask.

roamed - wonder travel

He is wandering down the path.

Obstacles - barrier impediment

It must be hard to do those obstacles.

Elegant - tasetful

This elegant dancer is doing a graceful leap.

Complicated - complex intricate

This complicated Rubik's Cube must be hard to solve.
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Created with images by MikesPhotos - "jaguar car vehicle" • Efraimstochter - "legoland building blocks legos" • Republica - "elephant mammal wildlife" • annca - "pacer mask costume" • Hermann - "wanderer backpack hike" • domeckopol - "athletics sport hurdles" • WikimediaImages - "ballet dancer male" • kostkarubika005 - "rubik's cube 8x8x8 jigsaw puzzle"

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