Department of Transpertation by Devin Rios

Date Founded was : 04/01/1967

Current head is : Elaine Chao

This is trumps pick for the department head. Elaine chao is Taiwanese American.

Department Seal

This is a seal of the Department of Transportation. It costs 97.95 dollars to purchase.

The department of transportation has a purpose to maintain and to develop a nations transportation system. The have to provide a fast and safe system of transportation for their citizens. The first person to propose this idea was a man named Najeeb Halaby. He was working under a former president named Lyndon B. Johnson. He wanted to elevate the level to a much higher degree. An interesting fact is that it was established in 1966 but officially started in 1967.

This is a picture of Lyndon B Johnson. He was president during the Vietnam war.
This is a picture of Najeeb Halaby. He is the one who propels the DOT, and at that time he was already in a different department.
This is a nice train. People ride on these things.
This is a picture of a bus. These are supplied by the DOT.
This is the hq of the DOT. The head of the department works in this building, Making new policies for transportation.
This is the seal of Hawaii. There are different seals for each state.
The department of transportation has to make sure that the condition of roads are up to code. This makes them have to have an upkeeping on the roads.
The department also has to make sure that people can have accurate access to gps.


Created with images by shrinkin'violet - "bendy bus" • Hudson Institute - "Farewell Reception Honoring Hudson Distinguished Fellow and Secretary of Transportation-designate Elaine L. Chao" • DonkeyHotey - "Department of Transportation Seal"

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