The Brackett’s Mission in Croatia

Kris and Nina Brackett with their daughters Gracie, Gaby and Katy

Meet the Brackett’s! Updates from their life on mission serving Christ and making disciples in Croatia.

Krapina, Croatia

Kris is a graduate of The Master's Seminary (M. Div. 1996, Th.M. 1998). He has been married to Nina since 1996. The Bracketts are one of three families sent to work alongside Misko Horvatek to build and strengthen the church in Croatia. Kris and Nina have three beautiful girls, Gracie (1999), Gaby (2001), and Katy (2005).


  • To help shepherd the congregation of believers at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Krapina
  • To evangelize our region of Zagorje for the advancement of the kingdom.
  • To train godly Croatian men as leaders through a church-based ministry training center in Krapina
  • To see our training ministry continue to expand throughout the region further into Slovenia and Bosnia as well as into Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

Current Ministry:

  • Kris preaches regularly at Emmanuel Baptist Church (EBC), where he also serves as an elder.
  • He serves as the Assistant Dean at the Theological Bible Academy (TBA). He teaches Hermeneutics and Homiletics and other classes.
  • He preaches and teaches equipping seminars on various subjects in other churches.
  • Nina homeschool's Gracie, Gaby and Katy and also hosts many guests as well as co-leads and teaches the women's ministry.
Miško & Mira Horvatek

Krapina, Croatia

Miško is a 1990 graduate of The Master's Seminary. He and his wife, Mira, have been serving with Grace Church in Croatia since 1987. The Horvateks are Croatian nationals and give direction to the team of Grace Church missionary families who have been ministering there since 1998.


  • To see a strong biblical church developed in Krapina.
  • To effectively train and disciple Croatian men to be pastors and church leaders.
  • To raise up a solid theological academy to facilitate this training process.

Current Ministry:

  • Miško is involved in teaching and administration at the Theological Bible Academy in Krapina.
  • He gives direction and leadership to the three Grace Church families ministering in Croatia.


More than 86% of the population is Roman Catholic. The second-most common religion is Eastern Orthodoxy at 4%.

90.4% of the population is Croats. This makes Croatia the most ethnically homogeneous of the 6 countries of former Yugoslavia. Other groups include Serbs (4.4%), Bosniaks, Italians, Germans, Czechs, Romani and Hungarians.

Croats arrived in the area during the 7th century and founded the kingdom of Croatia, which retained sovereignty for almost 200 years. It was conquered and eventually declared independence once more in 1991. The Croatian War of Independence caused a sharp drop in population, with hundreds of thousands fleeing violence outside the country.

Visit from Cornerstone Community Church LV

Jason In croatia preaching on the atonement

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Kris’s sermon on Psalm 18

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