Tom Brady A true underdog story

Who would have thought that the 199th pick in a draft would have turned out to be one of the best NFL quarterbacks in history? Very rare but with Bill Belichick anything is possible.

Now imagine being Tom Brady drafted in the 6th round to be nothing more than a back up to an already successful quarterback but he's happy he's going to the NFL he's possibly going to make millions of dollars and let's be honest back up quarterback in the NFL is probably the best job in the world.
Fast forward a year of Brady sitting on the bench to the first game of the 2001 season Drew Bledsoe goes down with injury in Brady's he says "oh baby it's Tommy's time to shine". So Brady goes in, he doesn't put on an amazing show but enough to turn some heads.
After play two mediocre games some people are starting to worry about Brady but he was there only decent option at quarterback so they had to roll with him. Now week 4 comes along agains the Chargers when Brady decides to release the fire. Going 33-54 while throwing for 364 yards and 2 touchdowns which made the Patriots and especially Bill Belichick very happy.
The next week Brady and the Patriots would face off against Peyton Manning and the Colts in what would be a first match in one of the best sports rivalries of all time. Manning was the first overall pick in the 1998 draft and by this point was one of the best quarterbacks in the league. In a near perfect game Brady when 16-20 with 202 passing years and 3 touchdowns. Which impressed team and the entire league more.
A couple weeks go by of Brady playing incredibly but now Drew Bledsoe is ready to come back from his injury. Brady is like oh well guess it's back to the bench for me but Bill Belichick has another plans. Tom Brady got the start over Bledsoe for the rest of the season because of his playing and Bledsoe is not happy about this so he leaves the team and Brady solidifies his starting spot.
By the end of the season the Patriots have finished 11-5 and the Patriots have made it to the Super Bowl under Brady's leadership against the St. Louis Rams who had one of the defences the NFL has ever seen but they were not match for the Brady-Belichick combo. The Patriots went on to win the game 20-17 giving Brady and Belichick their first Super Bowl win. This would not be the first time.
Move ahead to the 2003 season by now Brady has proven to be one of the best quarterback in the league with the coaching of Belichick and are a force in the NFL. After finishing the season 14-2 they make it to the Super Bowl again and win again against the Carolina Panthers 32-29 with Brady getting 354 passing yards and 3 touchdowns also winning his first Super Bowl MVP.
The next season the Patriots do the exact same thing going 14-2 and winning the Super Bowl 24-21 against the Eagles. Again no surprise at this point from the Brady-Belichick combo.
2 seasons later after not making it to the Super Bowl both years the 2007 season come around and the Patriots have made it through the season undefeated, a perfect 16-0 winning both playoff games making it to the Super Bowl at 18-0. Going 19-0 would mean a perfect season and a super bowl win and nobody has done this since the 1972 Miami Dolphins. Going up against Eli Manning and the Giants Brady and Belichick weren't worried because they've won so many times before. 4th quarter and the Patriots are up 14-10 with 1:44 on the clock. Enter David Tyree. With a bomb down the field Tyree would make what would be known as one of the best catches of all time aka The Helmet Catch. Putting the Giants close enough to score the game winning touch down giving Brady his first Super Bowl loss in dramatic fashion.

Deflategate was one of the biggest scandals in recent football which had was targeting Brady and the Patriots for their footballs being under pumped. Having the ball undepumped apparently made it easier for Brady to pass the ball and it made the ball easier to catch for the receivers. In the playoff against the Colts last season one of the Colts defensive backs noticed that the ball was a bit deflated and made a stink about it. Brady and the Patriots got fined, many equipment people got fired and Brady got suspended for the first 4 games of the season. Moral of the story is you can't break the rules, even if you're Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

After another Super Bowl loss and another win we find ourselves in present day and now Brady is argueably the best player of all time and is about to play in the Super Bowl this year. With Belichick the whole way Brady has had quite the career and has quite the life. Being married to a Super model and making millions of dollars isn't too bad. So if you're ever the 199th pick in the draft don't worry someone could get injured and you could have the best coach of all time.


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