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The US Marines are already called the elite fighting force of the world. The marine infantry forces helped earn that name. Lets go deeper into the job of marine infantry.

Marine Infantry is the central component in marine ground forces. Infantry is trained to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy by fire. Riflemen serve as primary scouts, assault troops, and close combat forces within each infantry unit.

Marines providing security in Afghanistan

Requirements to be one of the Marine Infantry is as following: Must be between the ages of 17 and 29 by time of enlistment, Have proof of legal residency, Must have a physical exam, Have a High School diploma, Recruit training at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot(MCRD) Parris Island of San Diego, and also gone to the School of Infantry(SOI) or Marine Combat Training(MCT) and have gone to a Military Occupational School(MOS). Here is a link to all of the jobs and the required scores on the ASVAB test to become what you want in the Marines.

The Iconic Yellow Foot Prints

What is the training like? Well pretend like you have done Army Training but longer. The first few weeks will be semi easy but don't relax, it wont be easy for long. After the first 2 weeks you start using weapons and that is also where the real fun begins. After one week of Bayonet training weeks you will go to Pugil Sticks for one week from there you will learn Martial Arts. After that is Rappelling, If you are afraid of heights you'll eventually get over it. Next up is M16 rifle training and learning how to shoot it for 2 weeks. From there you go through the Confidence Course for one week, you will learn to adapt to obstacles. Next is Day Movement, you will run through hand commands and a simulated course. Next is the hardest part of Marine training, the Crucible. The Crucible is a 54 hour test that pushes all recruits to the limit. The MCRD does this testing by little MRE's, little sleep. It is all recruits band together and succeed or fall as one. Finally is the Emblem Ceremony, this is when you earn the Eagle, Anchor, and Globe. When you are finally called a Marine

Marines Emblem

Probably the closest civilian occupation compared to the US Marine Corps is Special Weapons and Tactics Teams better known as SWAT.

Image of a SWAT team

Why I chose the Marine Infantry as my Military Occupation is because I didn't want the easiest road in the Military and I wanted something to say with pride. I also want to surprise people in my life by showing that I may look like all I'll ever be is just a cop at most , but have so much more inside me. I also want to honor the US with The Few, The Proud, The Marines.


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