Event Planning Bringing communities together

Event planning can be used in various ways. From planning, something personal such as a wedding or birthday, to planning a huge event like a festival. The planner is responsible for running the event as smoothly as possible and making sure they have the right entertainment for their target audience. Getting budgets, schedules, and permits together is just a few more things on their lists.

I am personally interested in planning community events. They provide a place for people to come together and get to know the faces of your community. Growing up in a small city we did not have many options for things to do on weekends. Going to the movies, mall, or bowling required us to drive out of the city. So, when our city was having an event, it was the place to be! I would like to be able to host community events where those who can’t leave their city have a place to have some fun.

I would like to learn more about how it is possible to set up weekly community events for little to no cost. The best ways to build a relationship with the community I am working with. Learn different ways to get community members involved as well as getting their feedback. Also, learning the back end of things like, what are the easiest ways to get permits through?

It would be great to spread the message that anyone can get involved within their community, to help it grow together and continue to keep events going. I would like for the events to give someone the opportunity to enjoy themselves. To give back to people who do not have the financial status to enjoy a night out a night at the movies or a sports game.


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