Bee's Should Be More Idolized Kevin. B. Leister.

Bees make lots and lots of honey from the day they where born to the day they die.

"Trudy: And you'll be happy to know that bees as a species haven't had a day off in 27 billion years. Whew!

Barry B. Benson: So you'll just work us to death?

Trudy: We'll sure try."

(Bee Movie)

Worker honey bees live for around 5 months

Bees work around 8 hours per day

One bee will make around 1/12 teaspoon of honey in their lifetime

That’s 14400 bee-hours per teaspoon.

Let’s say they work for 13 cents per hour, which comparable to a Bangladeshi garment worker.

That means labour alone costs $1872 per teaspoon.

7.1g of honey in a teaspoon

So honey would cost $264/g in labour.

Normally there’s roughly a 100% mark-up for the distributor and 100% mark-up for the retailer, so to buy it from a store would likely cost closer to $1050/g.

This means that a small 12oz bottle would cost around $350,000.

Bee's work and work for us to come in and take away all their beloved honey. They follow and obey their queen. They are born with instincts to get the nectar and convert that nectar to honey.

The Bee in this picture is not one of his kind. Most want to keep their honey and will go to great extremes to keep their honey. Some even die trying to protect the honey. (Stinging someone)

Point being told that bees shut their little yappers and make some honey their whole life. NO complaints. Just for it to be taken from them. They get no paycheck. Not even a thank you from society. We use them over and over for their delicious, sweet tasting honey.

Bee's are looked over and this crisis needs to stop!!


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